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Inspirational Service
By LJ Harry

This service lived up to its name.  You only know it by its first name.  But the service's full name is "Inspirational Anointed Challenging Life-Altering Tear Jerking Emotion Evoking Service".  But its closest friends just call it inspirational.

What preceded the service is what fueled the service.  As Cyvonne Davy led scores of attendees in intense, focused prayer for global and local revival.  This spirit of prayer provided a fertile atmosphere for the Trimbles to open the service with worship.

T.F. Tenney, Anthony Mangun, and Mickey Mangun spoke concerning our rich and wondrous heritage.  They spoke of such pioneers like William Booth Clibborn and Clyde Haney.  Just to name a few.  Then, they turned the clock ahead and spotlight on our present pioneers and heroes.  Heroes who planted churches like the Huntleys, the Statens, the Stirnemanns, and many others.

They reminded us that today is built on yesterday and tomorrow will be built on what we build today.

Following this dramatic presentation of past and present heroes, one of the finest heroes the United Pentecostal Church knows stepped to the pulpit to speak to the Conference.  An 81 James Kilgore spoke of days when Pentecost was unpopular, even wanted.  He spoke of days when our preachers were ridiculed and beaten for preaching the Acts 2:38 message.

But despite being knocked down, these preachers got back up and preached again.  Many who persecuted them were so touched by their determination, that they came to the Lord and were saved.  Kilgore challenged us all to live our lives with that kind of burden.  He said "you may be able to outpreach me, but you will never outburden me."

He also made us a promise.  A promise of revival.  He promised if we would preach 7 messages in a row on Calvary, the name of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus, that we would have revival in our churches.  In fact, he said if we focused on preaching Jesus in this manner and didn't have revival, that he would fast and pray for us until we did.  That's just how much he believes in it.

As he closed his message, Kilgore called all of us to repent of our pride and our unconcern with godly things.  Throughout his message, there was a cross that lay on the altar.  But as repentant people came to the altar, many of them gathered around the cross and raised it.  Taking the words of the old hymn literally, they "clung to the old rugged cross."

As the service and music faded to a finish, some of the attendees left through the lower level.  Some left through the middle concourse level.  But for all those who came to be touched by God, all left inspired.

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