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Foreign Missions Service
By LJ Harry

"Tonight is going to be a great night in the Kingdom of Heaven."  - Norman Paslay, II

I couldn't have said it better myself.  We heard from God tonight.  That much is true.  He chose to use two speakers, one choir, and multiplied missionaries.

In his keynote address, Mark Johnston said, "we consider it our mission to always be asking for more."  Johnston challenged us to consider asking, reaching, and praying for more.

In typical hysterical fashion, Norman Paslay and Paul Mooney conducted the offering ceremony.  They pulled out all the stops.  As each missionary family received enough pledges to return to the field, the military chaplains drove them in golf carts out of the service beneath a shower of confetti made of yellow shredded PIM forms. 

By the close of the offering, a record number of the following foreign missionaries were funded to return to the field.

Following the offering, the Florida District Choir sang wearing their multi-colored robes.  Each of the 8 sections of the district wore a different color robe, reminiscent of cultures the world over joining together to worship one God.

Jerry Dean then preached the "Crushing Weight of Eternity".  Following his message, many filled the altars under the crushing weight of conviction to answer the call of the "Crushing Weight of Eternity."

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