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Online Donations

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IT Department:  GC06 Web Streaming - 75kb
GC06 Web Streaming - 150kb
GC06 Web Streaming - 300kb
Home Missions:  Church-in-a-Day
Multicultural Ministries
Spanish Evangelism Ministries
Home Missions Projects
Foreign Missions:  GC06 Offering
Youth:  GC06 Offering
Sunday School:  GC06 Offering
Media Missions:  GC06
Ladies Ministries:  GC06 Offering

 Event days:    Sept 27 | Sept 28 | Sept 29 | Sept 30 | Oct 1
 Special Services: (click links below for more information)  
PMA Expo/Songfest Ladies Day
Media Missions General Superintendent
Youth Division Home Missions
Inspirational Service Foreign Missions
Sunday School Crusade
Schedule / Site Information:
Conference Schedule [pdf]
Shuttle Schedule [pdf]
Area map [image]
Directions [pdf]
Downtown map with parking facilities [pdf]

Ladies day flyer [pdf]
Foreign Missions day flyer [pdf]
Home Missions day flyer [pdf]
Youth day flyer [pdf]

2006 Conference Logo
  An Empowered Generation
Inspirational Service Logo:
  Empowered From Generation to Generation

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