Sunday, October 2

"Receive the Holy Ghost!"
As of last report, 401 received the Holy Ghost!  During the crusade, Billy Cole preached the Gospel and Bruce Howell interpreted, God ministered to the needs of hurting men and women.  At the altar call, Billy Cole gave specific instructions for those who wanted to receive the Holy Ghost for the first time and to be refilled with the Holy Ghost.

Sunday School Service
Director of the Year: Rick Lumpkins - Arkansas District
Wayne Huntley preached: "The Greatest Indicator of the Lack or Loss of the Spirit's Influence in a Life"

Memorial Service
Bro. Rigdon honored those ministers and minister's wives who passed away this past year.

Saturday, October 1

Children's Rally
15 kids received the Holy Ghost during the Children's Rally

Street Evangelism
Thousands of flyers were handed out during the 2nd Street Festival in downtown Richmond, VA, as a drama troupe held outside performances. Invitations were given to attend the Sunday evening special Holy Ghost crusade service. 50,000 touchpoint cards are currently out on the streets!

Home Missions Service
Over $600,000.00 given in pledges and donations for disaster relief and other Home Missions works. A young man testifies of being healed by God of HIV.

Inspirational Service Lived Up to its Name
It didn't take long for everyone to understand that the Saturday morning inspirational service was going to be just that:  inspirational.  Kenneth Haney ...


Friday, September 30

"The Danger of My Testimony"
Scott Graham preached under heavy anointing and burden, "The Danger of My Testimony".  At the conclusion of the message, peopled flooded the altar ... 

A Record Offering of Over $1.1 Million
Men and women, pastors and businesses, united tonight to give a record cash and pledge offering of over $1.1 million as well as PIM support...

North American Ladies Conference 2006
North American Ladies Conference will return to Louisville, Kentucky August 8-11, 2006.

Another Record Mothers Memorial Offering
Ladies Ministries reported a Mothers Memorial offering of $2,277,275.39, an increase from last year. 

Brent Brosam Preached "I Among the Captives"
Due to health issues, Calvin Jean was unable to speak during the Youth Day service.  In his stead, Brent Brosam preached to us and ministered in a powerful way.  Listen to the service.

Evangelism at the 2nd Street Festival
The call was made for teens to meet on 2nd Street on Saturday to invite people to the Sunday night crusade during the 2nd Street Festival.

Street Drama
The call was made for teens to meet at Monroe Park on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University at 4:30 PM Saturday to minister through street drama.

Youth President and Rookie of the Year
Greg and Natalie Bowman, from the Indiana District, were elected as Youth President of the Year. 


Business Meeting News
We have posted our business meeting news here.

Thursday, September 29

Isaiah 6:1-2, John 20:21-23: Sermon Text - Kenneth F. Haney
"My Father's Business"  read some snippets

Bro. Haney accepts the reelection of General Superintendent of the UPCI!
"The time of just preaching good sermons, with all the thrills, is a thing of the past." - Kenneth F. Haney

Literature Crusade
91,000 copies of the Herald were sold for October's special edition!
Experience Pentecost Crusade
Plan on attending the special crusade service to be held Sunday evening.

Bro & Sis Jesse Williams
Honored for their years of labor during the General Superintendent's service.


General Superintendent Service
"I believe with all my heart that we are a church of destiny."
Jack Cunningham - VA District Superintendent
"No wonder this church is in great revival!"
Randy Keyes

Ladies Day News
Both Barbara Willoughby and Lee Stoneking ministered to us during the Ladies' Day service.  View our photo gallery. 

Business Meeting News
We will be posting news from our 8 AM (CST) business meeting here.

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